Sweet – Ballroom Blitz

Sweet – Ballroom Blitz

Sweet - Ballroom- Blitz

Sweet – Ballroom Blitz


“The Ballroom Blitz” (on some releases “Ballroom Blitz”) is a song written by Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman and originally recorded by the British rock band Sweet (then known as The Sweet).

The song was released as a single in 1973, where it reached #1 in Australia and entered at #2 in the UK singles chart. In North America, it was a 1975 hit, reaching #1 in Canada and #5 in the United States, making it one of the year’s biggest chart successes. The song appeared on the U.S./Canadian version of Desolation Boulevard in North America and the 2005 European reissue of the 1974 album Sweet Fanny Adams.

This song was inspired by an incident in 1973 when the band was performing at the Grand Hall in KilmarnockScotland and were driven offstage by a barrage of bottles.


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